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In 2003, Edgar and Heather, returned from a holiday in Armenia — Edgar's country of birth, with a case of pomegranate wine and a hunch.  They named their company Ararat Import Export Company after the majestic mountain that once graced the landscape of Armenia, and was traditionally considered to be the landing place of Noah's Ark. Ararat (pronounced ar-uh-rat) was established with the dream of introducing pomegranate wine to the United States. 


The ambitious couple started Ararat out of their home in Raleigh, North Carolina while both were full time Soloists with the Carolina Ballet. They began by gifting bottles of their specialty wine to newspaper and magazine editors throughout the country. The industry responded enthusiastically, and within that year the New York Times published an article recommending their pomegranate wine as the perfect pairing with holiday Thanksgiving turkey.  From that moment on, there was no looking back. It soon became apparent to Edgar and Heather that Armenia’s pomegranate wine wasn’t the only one out there with a dream — there were many other beer and wine makers out there with similar aspirations. 


From a small company that began with one little wine, Ararat grew swiftly and steadily. Today Ararat has amassed an elite portfolio of hundreds of wines and beers from around the world and is one of the leading wine and beer distributors in North Carolina.  


This family owned business prides itself in providing their retailers inside access to a superior collection of quality wine and beer. Ararat is constantly working to source and hand pick the best and most reputable wines and beers from all over the world. Servicing their customers with built in convenience is Ararat’s mission. Their qualified and certified experts are always researching, reviewing, and curating so that Ararat customers enjoy the advantages of advanced market research, competitive pricing, and an experience free of import hassles, ensuring that ordering with Ararat is an easy and convenient transaction.


Through hard work, heart, and dedication, Ararat is proud to have achieved a formidable presence in the industry by offering retailers an impressive collection of beer and wine from all over the globe!

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